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Kingsbeech TPPS®

Production line support for all sizes of business.

One stop shop turnkey supply chain solutions across a broad range of engineering products.

VMI 3PL capabilities

Since 1994, Kingsbeech Ltd has worked with many companies through its Third Party Procurement Service (TPPS®) to help reduce business costs, remove the aggravation of sourcing components, systems, and services, and reduce the number of suppliers required by OEMs by up to 80%.


By deploying TPPS®, the Kingsbeech Team will deal with all nominated suppliers on behalf of the client, reducing pressure on purchasing, goods inwards and finance teams by providing just one point of contact.


THE TPPS® team will seek quotes, and when agreed, place orders, manage progress and schedule deliveries (via Kingsbeech or direct to client premises), and pay supplier invoices.


A vast range of commodities and services can be offered via our TPPS®, and the company can carry out Quality Assurance reviews, ensure accurate tracking of deliveries against order requirements and reduce the likelihood of losses or late shipments.


For safety critical and controlled products, we will also audit root source suppliers to ensure full compliance to agreed standards.


Within TPPS there are also 3PL solutions for integrated supply chain support.

Prototype and custom specific products.
Integrated supply chain logistics support
Kingsbeech third party logistics
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