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Rail Support

Track fixings and sleepers

Supplies and services for rolling stock, signalling and permanent way assets. 


Support for large scale infrastructure or low volume rail depot maintenance needs.

Over the past 20 years Kingsbeech Ltd has developed the expertise to support rail projects, assisting with the supply of key components throughout all procurement stages, from conception and development through to implementation. Importantly, this experience has created the capability of supporting legacy rolling stock and a broad range of engineering demands from railway operators around the world.


We recognise the need to assist efficient rail infrastructure, and can offer fast track solutions to ensure that rail disruption is kept to a minimum.


Our team has a globally acknowledged network of contacts to offer innovative technology products whilst also specialising in supporting legacy applications. Whether it be sourcing hard to find devices, or assisting in reverse engineering, the Kingsbeech team provides a fast and effective service.


The company has supplied support/infrastructure rail products and components/systems for most engineering requirements in rail, signals and rolling stock applications.


Kingsbeech has been verified by the Railway Industries Suppliers Qualification Scheme (RISQS) protocol and participates within Permanent Way Institute. In addition, the company has access to a suite of test facilities, offering independent third party environmental, electronic and metallurgy testing.

Signalling and control equipment
Station infrastructure and ancillary consumables
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