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Defence & Aerospace

OEM traceable aerospace supplies.

Aerospace/Military Spares


Stockists and Suppliers of NATO Codified Components

Dedicated MOD Web Based Enquiry Service


Procurement cards accepted

Kingsbeech Ltd offer a unique support service for MOD specifiers and procurement executives. This service assures priority responsiveness for specifiers needing components for legacy equipment, where obsolescence has created production or maintenance shortages.


The company is able to offer a wide range of components for NATO codified applications. This from inventories around the world, including NATO Stock Numbered Components across a broad spectrum of technologies for all elements of this vital defence sector.


As a primary source of codified products for over 20 years, Kingsbeech customers can telephone or email Nato Codified demands and the team will assess key parameters and establish the availability of warranted products.


In addition, the company is able to offer access to its data library, which extends back to the 1950s, for archive specification sheets. This allows the team to help customers in identifying parts by using a combination of investigative techniques, leading to either sourcing the product or assisting in reverse engineering.

Military aircraft supply chain solutions.
Naval spares for shipborne/onshore equipment.
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